Media Reviews of City of the Dead Tours

“Our FAVOURITE ghost tours” – UK’s Best Ghost Tours. Yahoo! Travel

“Has received RAVE REVIEWS… regarded as something of a Fringe institution” – 3 weeks 2010

“The BEST of Edinburgh’s ghost tours” – Lonely Planet Guide

“Combines the WEIRDEST history with the WILDEST stories and WICKEDEST humour” – Sunday Times

‘This has EVERYTHING YOU COULD WANT from a ghost tour’ – 3 Weeks Review 2009

“ABSORBING stories on an INTRIGUING tour” – Mysterious Journeys, Travel Channel

“One of the most CONVINCING SUPERNATURAL cases of all time” – Richard Felix, Most Haunted

“FASCINATING ” – ‘Beyond Chance’, US Discovery Channel

“A WONDERFULLY THRILLING dark night out” –3 Weeks Festival Review 2008

“Puts the city’s other ghost tours IN THE SHADE”– Edinburgh Evening News

“TERRIFYING” – ‘Scariest Places on Earth’, Fox Family Channel

“SPINE-CHILLING” – Mysterious Journeys, Travel Channel

“One of the SCARIEST EXPERIENCES in Scotland” – Daily Record

“Truly TERRIFYING… absolutely FIRST RATE entertainment” – 3 Weeks 2007

“BRILLIANT storytelling with a good knowledge of the actual history of Edinburgh

rather than half baked myths” – About Edinburgh

“GREAT entertainment” – Scottish Connection, BBC Radio Scotland

“A HIDEOUSLY, TWISTEDLY, HAUNTING tour” – Fest Newspaper 2006

“GREAT… the guides really do know their history”– 3 Weeks Festival Review 2006

“Delivered with GREAT PANACHE… even the guide gets scared” – Reuters News Agency

“I was finding it hard to catch my breath and one of my friends was hanging on to my hand

FOR DEAR LIFE” – Kylie Rimmer, Daily Record Newspaper

“I FELT THE EVIL… it was as if something was pressing down on my chest and ribs”

– Joan Charles, Sun Newspaper

“Truly CREEPY” – America’s Most Haunted

“A FASCINATING tour” – Dundee Courier

“Extremely SPOOKY. Very ATMOSPHERIC” – Good Morning Television

“INFORMATIVE, INTERESTING and, more than anything GOOD FUN”- What to do in Scotland Magazine

“EXCELLENT” – Radio Caroline

“ENJOYABLE and INFORMATIVE… even the best read history buff should learn something”

– Edinburgh Evening News

“The most TERRIFYING ghost we’ve ever investigated” – Mystery Hunters, Discovery Channel

“The MOST HAUNTED place you’ll find in Edinburgh” – Radio 1

“WONDERFUL” – ‘Out and About’, BBC Radio Scotland

“STEALS A MARCH on the likes of Mercat, Auld Reekie and the Witchery Tours” – Sunday Telegraph

“Very, very SCARY” – Lanarkshire Television

“Has something EXTRA TO OFFER… fun witty and informative, even for cynics”– Veritas Magazine

“The most HAUNTED spot in the country’s most HAUNTED city” – The Weekly News

“The Capital’s ‘REAL’ ghost tours” – Edinburgh Evening News

“GREAT ENTERTAINMENT & quite scary enough for me” – ‘Heaven & Earth Show’, BBC1

“ENTHRALLING” – ‘Great Graveyards of the World’, US Discovery Channel

“City of the Dead has the media RAVING” – SX Magazine

“The tours are a careful mix of HISTORY, HUMOUR AND HORROR” – Bite Me Magazine

“Scotland’s SCARIEST place” – Daily Record

“The BEST-DOCUMENTED case of poltergeist activity ever studied” – Lonely Planet Guide

“A GREAT tour” – Pulse Radioadio

“Successfully blending history with humour, the overriding emphasis is the fright factor. These guides are SURE MASTERS IN MANIFESTING BLOOD BOILING FEAR” – Edinburgh

“Edinburgh’s MOST HAUNTED… the SPOOKIEST of the lot” – Edinburgh Recommended

“FUNNY and SCARY in equal measures” – 3 Weeks Festival Review 2005

“Both the FUNNIEST and SCARIEST”’ – Kwip Magazine

“One of the BEST DOCUMENTED and MOST CONCLUSIVE paranormal cases in history” –Dundee Courier

“Even deep sceptics have felt an EERIE, sometimes TERRIFYING PRESENCE – Edinburgh Evening News

“Not for the FAINT HEARTED” – The Morning Show, BBC1

“You simply can’t beat the EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE that is the City of the Dead” – Selby Times

“If you’re a THRILL SEEKER take a City of the Dead Tour” – MSN Travel

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