Blackhart Storytellers and City of the Dead Presents

Book of the Dead

Can you write horribly?

We’re looking for writers to submit entries for our first horror anthology.  The best stories will be included, along with contributions from award winning authors and playwrights, such as Cathy Macphail, Anita Sullivan, David Macphail and Jan-Andrew Henderson.

We’re using ‘horror’ in its loosest sense. Gory, thoughtful or funny. Vampires, ghosts or broccoli. Whatever keeps you up at night. All we ask is that it keep other people up at night too. In a good way.

Our judges will pick the ten best efforts and put them together into Book of the Dead.  In 2018 it will be available to buy from our website and also at selected bookstores.

Please Note.  The competition is now closed for new entries.  We’ll let everyone know when the anthology will be available…. 

Send your entries to See conditions of entry for details.