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The following books are written by City of the Dead’s Jan-Andrew Henderson (JA Henderson), Charlotte Golledge or published by Black Hart. They are available to download as ebooks or we can post out signed copies.

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Book of the Dead

Our aim was simple. Spread a little horror around.

We’ve launched our very own Horror Anthology – a compilation of short stories by new and established writers from around the world.

Book of the Dead is a compilation of 14 stories, the result of a competition we ran to find new writers and stories wherever they were!

The anthology also includes stories by notable, established authors such as best-selling Scottish author Catherine MacPhail , award-winning playwright Anita Sullivan, and our very own Jan-Andrew Henderson .

  • Paper Back – £4.99 (plus p&p)

  • E-Book Edition

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‘One of the UK’s most promising writers’ – Edinburgh Evening News
‘One of the UK’s best new talents’ –
‘Jan Henderson writes the kind of thrillers that make you miss your stop on the bus’– Times Educational Supplement

JanJ.A. Henderson (Jan-Andrew Henderson) runs City of the Dead Ghost Tours, which requires him to look moody and wear black.

After writing acclaimed non fiction books, he turned to young adult thrillers. His last three books were short listed for thirteen literary awards and he is the winner of The Royal Mail Award and the Doncaster Book Prize.

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Greyfriars Graveyard

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? How about ‘Greyfriars Graveyard’ by our very own Charlotte Golledge? Everything you ever wanted to know about one of the world’s most fascinating graveyards…

When Greyfriars Graveyard opened in Edinburgh in the sixteenth century, built on the site of a Franciscan monastery on the edge of the Old Town below the castle, it became Edinburgh’s most important burial site. Over the centuries many of Edinburgh’s leading figures have been buried at Greyfriars, alongside many more ordinary folk, and it is home to a spectacular collection of post-Reformation monuments. 

In this book local historian Charlotte Golledge takes the reader on a tour around Greyfriars Graveyard to reveal the history of the cemetery, from when James I granted the land as a monastery to the present day. She explores the huge variety of its monuments and gravestones and explains the symbolism behind the stones and carvings and how the styles changed over the years. Through this she paints a remarkable picture of life and death in Edinburgh over the centuries, which will appeal to both residents and visitors to the Scottish capital.

Publisher: Amberley Publishing (15 Oct. 2018)
ISBN: 978-1445688183
Price: Xmas Special Offer £12 (plus p&p)

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How do you hide from a killer who nobody can remember?

Triple murderer R.D. Slaither is incarcerated in an asylum, yet he claims the real perpetrator is a psychopath nobody can remember. Is he truly insane, an innocent victim or a master manipulator with an audacious plan to ensure his freedom?

Detective Ettrick Sinclair sets out to find the truth and uncovers an incredible tale, involving a talking Longhorn Bull, an abused psychiatric patient, the car crash that killed R.D.’s son, a domineering father in law, a remote boathouse, the notorious Cherry Bomb serial killer, an experimental anti-depressant, the suspicious suicides of a young engineer and a truck driver – and Ettrick’s own babysitter. But his investigation sets in motion a horrific chain of events that will end in tragedy for both men.

Short-listed for the Fantastica Book Award

  • Paperback Edition – £11.99 plus p&p 
  • E-Book Edition
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Seven ‘Goners’ must circumnavigate the globe and travel through human history

in an attempt to save their island from the coming apocalypse.

That’ll be the easy part…

‘One of the UK’s most promising writers’ – EdinburghEvening News

‘One of the UK’s best new talents’ –

‘Jan Henderson writes the kind of thrillers that make you miss your stop on the bus’ – The Times Educational Supplement

‘Jan Henderson has written some incredible books… One of my favourite authors’ – Sharon Rooney(star of My Mad Fat Diaryand Dumbo)

‘If there were more books like yours out there maybe boys would be reading more’ – Charlie Higson (Young James Bondand The Enemyseries)

  • Paperback Edition – £11.99 plus p&p 
  • E-Book Edition £2.99

Waiting for a Train That Never Comes

crash sale

Bobby Berlin’s father wakes up convinced the year is 1979

and he’s a teenage fugitive called Dodd Pollen.

Fleeing the city with his reluctant son in tow

they find the countryside inexplicably deserted.

And Bobby realises just how dangerous Dodd Pollen is…

Shortlisted for the Royal Mail Award, the Angus Book Award, the Manchester Book Award and the Bolton Book Award.

‘Enough pace and plot twists to keep fans of his action-packed debut happy’ – Scotsman Newspaper

‘Fast-moving, engrossing and extremely effective’ – Carousel Magazine

‘A wonder in dramatic tension… there is a huge depth to this novel and coupled with the furious pace of the narrative drive, it left me unable to put this book down’ – Vulpis Libris

‘Oh, I did enjoy reading Crash… an adventure story in the best tradition but it does have great thematic depth. Thouroughly enjoyable.’ – The Bookbag

‘J A Henderson has produced another taut thriller, which compels from the first page… strongly recommended’ – Books For Keeps

‘Fantastic’ – Teen Titles

  • Paperback Edition – £11.99 plus p&p 
  • E-Book Edition £2.99

Bunker 10

Beneath Pinewood research facility is Bunker 10 holding the two most dangerous creatures on earth
A little girl and a mouse
And now they’ve escaped

Short-listed for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize, The Angus Book Award, the South Lanarkshire Book Award, The RED Award and the Stockport Book Prize.

bunker10‘I raced thorough it… Great stuff.’ – Charlie Higson (Young James Bond).

‘A high octane, action packed adventure story’ -The Guardian

‘I finished reading it and just said, wow’ – Sunday Herald

‘A plot that crackles’ – Scotsman Newspaper

‘A contemporary classic… in a class by itself’ – In The Library Review.

‘Like a good Crichton Book… makes you sit back and think’
– The Phoenix Book Company

Paperback Edition – £11.99 plus p&p 

City of the Dead

Edinburgh is a modern, lively capital in a civilized western country. Yet it has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places on earth. This book is an attempt to find out why.

It’s a history of Edinburgh‘s dark side, a guide to its supernatural locations and an investigation into the occult in general- including this city’s connections to it.

Jan-Andrew Henderson is a historian and award winning author who worked as a ghost tour guide in Edinburgh for twenty years.

If anyone knows the truth, he does.

Paperback: £11.99 (plus p&p)

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Edinburgh’s New Town: A Comprehensive Guide

Like The Royal Mile: A Comprehensive Guide, this book has everything you’d want to know about Edinburgh’s New Town.  All the streets, with a handy rating guide, the significant buildings and monuments, noted pubs, restaurants and modern visitor attractions. It recounts the areas spectacular history, has evocative pictures, fun facts and even lists the notorious haunted sites.

Signed Copy Price: £14.99 (plus p&p)

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It’s Only the End of the World

Charlie and Daffodil have stumbled on stolen research belonging to Manticorps Ltd, including an Artificial Intelligence with a sinister agenda all of its own.  

Now the company have sent their private army to hunt them down.

But Manticorps don’t realise what the trio are capable of.

Especially when the survival of humanity is at stake…

Publisher: Floris Books
ISBN: 978-178250-517-4
Price: £7.99 (plus p&p)

The Royal Mile: A Comprehensive Guide

The Royal Mile BookThere are several books about the Royal Mile but only this one has everything. All the little closes, wynds and courts with a handy rating guide to the most interesting ones. The significant buildings and monuments, noted pubs, restaurants and modern visitor attractions. It recounts the Mile’s long and spectacular history, has evocative pictures, fun facts and even lists the Old Town’s notorious haunted sites.

You start at Edinburgh Castle on top of the Mile and work your way to Holyrood Palace at the bottom. By the time you get to the end, you’ll be an expert on one of the most fascinating streets in the world.

Signed Copy £14.99 (plus p&p)
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Black Markers

Black Markers BookEdinburgh is now a progressive modern metropolis, but it was once a cauldron of religious fanaticism and persecution and the lynchpin in the age old conflict between Scotland and England.  It sent innovators to the four corners of the earth and gained fame as ‘The Athens of the North’, leading the world in philosophy, sciences, medicine, architecture, art and literature.  At the same time, Edinburgh remained a den of iniquity, astonishing poverty and horrendous crime – right up until the 20th century.

Black Markers charts Edinburgh’s evolution from ancient times to the present, but with a twist.   It shows you where the movers and shakers are buried and the part they played in making this one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

The truth never stays buried for ever…

Hard Copy Edition £14.99 (plus p&p)
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The Ghost That Haunted Itself

Ghost That Haunted ItselfThe story of the Mackenzie Poltergeist.

‘A haunting tale’ – The Scotsman.  

‘Compelling’ – Daily Express. 

‘A fascinating read’ – Dundee Courier. 

‘Well written and gripping’ – Scottish Town & Country.  

‘Fascinating’ – Lanarkshire Tv

  • Signed Hard Copy Edition – £6.99 plus p&p 
  • E-Book Edition – via Amazon
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The Town Below The Ground

Town Below GroundThe history and tales of Edinburgh’s legendary Underground City

‘Spine Chilling’ – Scotland on Sunday.  

‘Thoroughly recommended’ – Radio Scotland.

‘Fascinating’ – Big Issue.   ‘A fascinating book’ – Daily Mail.

Signed Hard Copy Edition £6.99 (plus p&p)

The Emperor’s New Kilt

newkiltThe secret history of Scotland

‘Fascinating’ – The Scotsman.  

‘Original and fresh’ – Aberdeen Press and Journal.

‘Amazing’ – Daily Record. 

 ‘Absolutely fascinating’ – Scottish Connection, BBC Radio.  

‘Excellent’ – Carluke Gazette.

Signed Hard Copy Edition £7.99 (plus p&p)

Teenage Thrillers as J A Henderson

Colony (On Sale)

Winner of the Doncaster Children’s Book Award 2010.

Short listed for the Leeds Book Award and RED Book Award.

colony sale‘Readers will feel like they’re clinging on for dear life… flipping the pages, desperate to know what happens next. This book is mad, bad and dangerous to read.’ – Scotsman Newspaper

‘Highly original and extremely brave… a tour de force’ – Vulpis Libris

‘A riveting read… far ahead of the average conspiracy thriller’ – The Bookbag

‘Intelligent, visual and utterly gripping’ – Four Shires Magazine

‘A beautifully executed, finely crafted thriller’ – Write Away

‘Fast pace, genius plotting, original storyline and compelling characters…. Brilliant.’ –

‘Tautly written… the story hurtles towards its somewhat alarming conclusion’ – Carousal Magazine

  • Signed Hard Copy Edition Only – £0.99 plus p&p 
  • E-Book Edition £0.99

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