More reviews!

Another bunch of 5 star reviews! This time on Google…

More 5 Star Reviews!

Another slew of 5 star reviews for City of the Dead. This time on TripAdvisor….

‘City of the Dead’ Movie

A little treat to start 2019. ‘City of the Dead’ is often considered a ‘Psycho’ rip off, but actually came out first, and is pretty creepy in its own way.  (BTW: The tours are named after something else entirely…) Watch Movie

FREE book with every City of the Dead Tour

Get a FREE copy of Edinburgh: City of the Dead when you book any of our award-winning tours. Edinburgh: City of the Dead is both a dark history of Edinburgh and an exploration of its paranormal reputation, written by award winning novelist Jan-Andrew Henderson. Once you have booked your tour, the confirmation email will have a download link for the … Read More

Tree of the Dead II

City of the Dead Tour’s starting point ‘Tree of the Dead’ has shed its leaves and grown lights.  DO NOT let this fool anyone. It still wants to kill you….

Tree of the Dead

This is City of the Dead’s new meeting point for tours, outside St Giles’ Cathedral on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.  You’ll notice it is in a cage and has already eaten a cyclist.  Please Note.  At this time if year it hasn’t any leaves but beware.  It is still very much alive.