Anatomy of a Murderer

We at City of the Dead are no strangers to police line ups.  So imagine our delight when we saw this great exhibition!

What a Nice Review

We at City of the Dead love praise.   And when it comes from a Belgian blog called Graveyard Picnic?  Well, that certainly makes our night. In the meantime, here’s a pic of our latest poltergeist attack….

The Haunted Edinburgh App!

We at City of the Dead are always looking to tittilate our customers.  That’s why we spend so much time on probation.  And this is our latest effort.  The Haunted Edinburgh App is Edinburgh’s first self-guided ghost tour, perfect for someone who wants to explore on their own. Or at their own leisure. Or during the day. Or more than once. … Read More

The Royal Mile: A Comprehensive Guide  We at City of the Dead are rather the history buffs.  When was the Great Fire of 1824?  In 1824. So imagine our mild pleasure at finding our very own Jan-Andrew Henderson has written the definitive guide to the Royal Mile. It covers the history.  The characters (both famous and little known).  Every wind and close.  The famous monuments … Read More

Scars We at City of the Dead usually only read the obituaries page of the Dundee Courier.  But we strongly urge you to check out the new Young Adult novel Scars by our very own award winning author and big giant head, J A Henderson.  It’s on kindle and you can click on the link to order.  It’s absolutely brilliant! He’ll … Read More

Zombeaver End Credits

We at City of the Dead are always happy to watch any movie with ‘beaver’ in the title.  And Zombeaver is a cheesy, fun filled romp, well worth a checking out.  However, its highlight actually comes at the end titles, with brilliant pastiche of old style crooners by Jon and Alan Kaplan. Altogether now   “Zombeaver.  Zombeaver.  Say goodbye to your … Read More

Wee Gyspsy Girl

We at City of the Dead like praise.  We like it a lot.  So we were pleased to get this lovely review on the Wee Gypsy Girl Blog. Check it out here…. Explore Edinburgh’s Haunted Underground with City of the Dead Tours    

Train to Busan

We at City of the Dead are sick to death of zombie movies.  So sick, we’ve come back to life and then been sick all over again.  Until we watched Train To Busan. It’s South Korean, so expect subtitles, less than subtle melodrama and copious amounts of man weepage.  Even so , it’s the best zombie flick ever. EVER!

Happy Easter!

We at City of the Dead have resigned ourselves to eternal damnation, so it’s nice to see a former staff member getting out.  This is Duncan, who used to work for us, but now believes he is mankind’s saviour.   The scooter is for chasing Satan….