The Void Void trailer We at City of the Dead love a creepy little movie with big ambitions.  The Void disguises its low budget by shooting everything in pitch black and only showing the monster’s knees.  Combining elements of Argento,  Cronenberg and Carpenter, it ends up more like Roger Corman.  Yes, we looked up those names to appear wise. Still, it … Read More

Free Supernatural Book With Every Tour!

We at City of the Dead are mostly former used car salesmen, so we know a bargain when we see one.  And here it is… FROM 1st of APRIL 2017 EVERYONE WHO BOOKS A TOUR ON OUR WEBSITE WILL RECEIVE A FREE EBOOK OF EDINBURGH: CITY OF THE DEAD!!!   YES WE’RE CRAZY MAD!  IN FACT WE’RE PSYCHOPATHIC! But it’s … Read More

Ouija: Origin of Evil

We at City of the Dead can never resist watching badly titled sequels to horror films that nobody really wanted to see in the first place.  But imagine our surprise on finding Ouija: Origin of Evil is actually really creepy!   Plus it has cool seventies styles (polyester hot pants are all the rage in our office) and a main … Read More


We at City of the Dead, keep a record of all the emails sent to us by terrified customers who have experienced something on the tours. Did we say terrified?  We… eh… meant ‘satisfied’. There are all sorts, but many of them are are attacks by the Mackenzie Poltergeist.  So we’ve decided to start posting them regularly – both pictures … Read More

Another Award Nomination

We at COTD are always getting awarded stuff.  Restraining orders count, don’t they? But we’re especially pleased with a nomination from the Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards.  We don’t know what we’d win but anything with ‘luxury’ in the title will do fine.  Car.  Jet.  Holiday in Thailand….